Welcome to Pacific-Noir Pulp Press. We've doing our part in reprising the gritty, action-packed magazine medium of American pulp fiction. Our literary roots are anchored in Southern California and Hawaii's Beach/Pacific culture. Our mission's providing readers with a rich menu of great short st...

First Issue

First Issue

Hard Boiled Surf Pulp Fiction is here. Our first issue is fresh off the press and is full of surf-themed adventure. The issue consists of 6 action-packed stories that will keep your eyes glued to the pages. What happens when waves go missing? A surfer finds herself stuck in an exotic location forc...

Upcoming Issue

Upcoming Issue

For all of you readers with an interest in the dark, the terrifying, and the absolute evil. Prepare yourself for the upcoming issue Black Wave. 

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Chicks, Murders and Mysteries. Hard-Boiled Surf Pulp Fiction highlights pulse pumping stories in the surf community.


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What is Pacific-Noir?

Pacific-Noir Pulp Press has set out provide fresh take on the classic pulp magazines made popular during the 1950s, while infusing the Pacific Culture of the founders in each work. A cross between a graphic novel and a magazine depicting a variety of fiction genres. The term "Pulp Ficition" burst back onto the scene in 1994 after the wildly successful Quentin Tarantino film brought the genre back into the spotlight. However, pulp fiction had a long and active life in America's popular literature before this. "Pulps" weren't graphic novels, but they were graphically illustrated with pen-and-ink art to complement an array of different kind of fiction stories. We intend to inspire a new following behind this once dominant fiction industry through the powerful short stories in each unique Pulp-Fiction Magazine.

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